Economy Dynamics Limited USA

Company Profile

 Economy Dynamics Limited (EDL) is a multi-services, multi-product privately held Global Corporation based in East Lansing Michigan, USA. EDL has been in Aviation Business since 2005. EDL group of companies have been in business for over 20 years.



PO Box 70158 Lansing, Michigan 48908 USA
1321 West Lake Lansing Road East Lansing, Michigan 48823 USA
Phone: +1 (517) 337-7937 Fax: (866) 611-9262 / +1 (517) 337-3996

 Mission Vision & Core Values:

We tailor our products and services to fit the markets we serve. The core ingredient of all our products and services is INTEGRITY. This is one of the most important ingredients that ensures builds long-term relationships on foundation of trust and confidence for our worldwide customers base. Our main business strategy theme is RESILIENCE. Today, because of a variety of forces, from globalization to the Information Technology revolution, companies are being forced to face the fact that nothing is static anymore. All systems, including business models and strategies, are dynamic and ever evolving. The new business environment saps momentum and demands strategic resilience – the ability of organizations to dramatically reinvent business models and strategies amid changing circumstances.  This means continuously reading the environment and adapting. EDL has developed a ‘culture of evolution’ to serve the needs of its customer in best possible way.

Business Model:

Strategic partnerships in all geographic areas of business operation from companies of most relevant product and services end to end using a proprietary market driven evolution methodology.